1. The Importance of Tracking Resiliency and The Necessity of Presence

Welcome to Module One

Topics Covered in this Module:

  • Introduction
  • Why use the Window of Tolerance?
  • Presence in Sessions
  • Tracking Resiliency

There are 4 tools for this module:

1. The Window of Tolerance Handout (downloadable)

2. WoT Module One Workbook - 3 formats to choose from (downloadable). Using this is optional. We have given you 3 different formats to choose from:

    • 2 slides per page: Larger slide format for easier, more detailed viewing.
    • 3 slides per page (most popular): Ability to see the slides and takes some notes.
    • 6 slides per page: Mostly for tracking the video as you progress.

3. Module One Video - 34 minutes - The Importance of Tracking Resiliency and the Necessity of Presence

After watching the video, please come back and take the quiz:

4. Module One Quiz


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